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A Tipster is someone who provides information on likely winners in sporting events. Usually tipsters are insiders of the sport they tip on, with access to information unavailable to the general public. There are also other types of tipsters who analyse commonly available information such as statistics and provide equally useful tips for punters.

For every sport you can imagine there is a tipster, and many have made a living out of their talent. Many newspapers employ ‘expert’ tipsters to provide tips to their readers on upcoming games, and there are many internet site that provide the same service. Being a tipster has reached such pedigree that there are now international competitions between tipsters to see who’s tipping skills reign supreme. Many tipsters sell their information to the public, though there are the exceptions. With the internet there are now a profusion of tipsters, many of whom are considered fraudulent, and so the world of tipping can be very misleading for the untrained punter.

The most popular tipping sports include horse racing, basketball, football and baseball, but it is by no means limited to these sports. Statistical tipsters are the most common type, and they analyse past games and running seasons with up to date season records to pick a likely winner of a certain event. There are those who use unorthodox means such as astrology to determine winners, though it is up to the punter to put their faith in these methods of tipping.

You don’t need a tipster to have fun online

While it is great if you can find a reliable and accurate tipster, many of us simply want to go with our gut instinct or take a chance wager. There is no better way to do this than by betting online.

Placing a bet online is convenient, safe and fast and allows you to access the latest odds and sporting information right up to placing your bet on a bookmaker’s website like There is complete anonymity in online betting, making for a private experience, without the pressures and hassle of traditional betting arenas. Placing an online bet also allows you to participate in all the action of your favourite sport without having to fight the traffic to a game or search for that elusive car space.

Online betting is also great for the novice punter, as there is no pressure to make a quick decision or to know the betting lingo, you can take your time and make your choice in the comfort of your own home.

Tipsters are in every sport and are people who provide tips for the likely winners of different events. There are different types of tipsters, some who use statistics and readily available information to provide a likely winner, others who are insiders of the game and have access to information not readily available to the public. If you use a tipster or prefer to go it alone, online betting is the safest and most convenient way of placing a bet on your favourite sport or sporting event.

Melbourne Cup Tipster

Every year around the start of November, dozens of so-called experts come crawling out of the woodwork. The Melbourne Cup is unlikely to be any different, with plenty of tipsters touting their opinions on the race that stops a nation. Because the Melbourne Cup attracts so much attention and is so widely studied, it can be fairly easy for an average Joe to declare himself a Melbourne Cup tipster. It pays to be careful of anyone making grandiose claims about their past success, because most people tend to remember their wins and forget their losses. As always, it’s probably best to formulate your own opinion on the race.